Turning anonymous website visitors into customers. very business ultimately has one goal – to land sales and secure a healthy balance sheet. A company website can play a central role in the sales process, as one of the most valuable lead generation assets you hold.
Did you know:
94% of buyers choose the vendor that responds first
50% Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales leads at 33% lower cost Unique code is placed on your
website Visitors navigate and view your site pages Access visitor data via an online portal or via integration with a CRM platform
Analyse the data and view your unknown visitors 83% of companies have said that focusing on lead quality over quantity was a priority for them
Lead Forensics is a lead generation tool designed to reveal the identity of your unknown website visitors.
The software is great for:
sales departments
Tracking leads
Refining marketing campaigns
Enhancing business conversations
Generating business profits
68% of companies report struggling with lead generation.
However, with Lead Forensics you can turn unknown website visitors into revenue Identify your unknown website visitors
Sales teams spend on average 80% of their day cold calling. Yet this tactic only has a 1-3% success rate
Company name
Website address
Email address
Telephone number
Contact name
How they found you
Pages they visited
Lead Forensics can tell you:
Identify the exact business name and contact details of your anonymous visitors Be alerted when a prospect is on your website Generate customised reports to track prospects behaviour Maximise online ROI by turning unknown web visitors into sales leads Discover what your customers are interested in
With Lead Forensics your business can:
Streamline your sales process
“Lead Forensics has impacted our sales activity by about 50%.”
ABC Imaging
“After just two weeks of using Lead Forensics we secured a
contract worth over £45,000.”
S&B Commercials “The return on investment of 2,100%
speaks for itself and removes hours and hours of work.”
DRP Group Get the insights your sales team needs Generate quick
leads and conversions with confidence With access to
valuable data, your business can make contact with prospects
and convert them before your competitors Establish who’s
visited their site Act quickly and follow-up on sales leads
Turn leads into conversions
Grow company profits
Enter Helping your sales team Make sense of your data
Here’s how:
Time is money – you need to act fast:
The fast-paced sales world Businesses need to:
Online leads go cold fast, don’t be slow to follow up – It is surprising how slow some companies are to follow up with leads.

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